Oliver Hoffmann 2022

Oliver Hoffmann

In July of 2022, I have announced my offer to be a candidate for the office of Austrian president. My offer did not receive the required amount of official support signatures. As a democrat, I respect this result. As a historical reference, my offer as presented in August 2022:

Freedom for You

In October, Austria will elect a new president of the republic. In August, you can decide on who will be on the ballot. If you don’t do anything in August, you vote for yet another partisan president. If you want real change, you can vote for getting independent candidates on the ballot.

bundespraesidentschaftswahl.at provides an overview of all Austrians intending to run. One of them should be worth your support. I want to run, see my profile on bundespraesidentschaftswahl.at. I also have a short political CV (in German). Read on to see what I will do as president. Now it’s up to you whether I can actually run.

Declaration of Support

There is a standardized form for declaring your support for my candidature. Whether you intend to vote for me in October is a completely different matter. This is just to say there should be more diversity on the ballot.

  1. Print declaration of support form
  2. Sign the printed form on your Gemeindeamt and have your signature and registration state certified by the Gemeindeamt (it’s free!)
  3. Send certified form to me

This is what I will do when elected:

end the rule of political parties

  • fire the current government
  • allow zero representatives from parliamentary political parties in the in the next government
  • have zero backdoor talks with party bosses

reign in corrupt mass media

  • allow zero government ads in mass media
  • have zero tolerance for media leaks
  • allow zero government media campaigns

control the government

  • ensure quality management for government action instead of political actionism via narrative management
  • initiate fewer, but better laws and bylaws
  • ensure equal rights and equal responsibility for all
  • reduce unaccountable and/or semi-official entities and “expert” committees

increase your agency

  • ensure more free choice in all areas of life
  • create more transparency and participation in all stages of political decision making
  • advocate for more direct democracy

increase your economic wellbeing

  • reduce taxes
  • reduce government bureaucracy
  • increase your freedom in all areas of life and ensure free space for human growth